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Nicole's Approach

Nicole's approach to therapy is holistic.  As a yoga practitioner and yoga teacher she is interested in embracing all that defines our human experience - mind, body and spirit.  


Poppy Flower
Poppy Flower


Nicole approaches therapy from the perspective that addiction is a human experience, as is our sexuality.  There is no shame in our sexual nature, nor in having developed an addiction. 


Nicole often shares that one of her supervisors said "Addiction is a faulty solution". 

From that perspective, those who are susceptible to addiction have developed ways of coping that are not productive, safe or healthy for them.  Nicole will often ask, "Is this particular thing that you're doing feeding your soul?"  The more fulfilling our lives, the further away from addiction we move.  While this may seem simple, it is true that addiction is complex, with many layers of our life and experiences we need to navigate through and heal. 


As social media and other media outlets continue to grow, there are many more messages we receive regarding healthy sexuality which can build unhealthy expectations and/or views of our own sexuality.  It can be difficult to figure out how we define ourselves and our own healthy sexual relationships. 

Nicole is also a kink friendly therapist and listed with Kink Aware Therapists.


Nicole supervises interns, Limited Licensed Social Workers in the State of Michigan, and therapists pursuing certification as a CSAT.  

Her history of working with complex trauma, sex offenders, the corrections community, first responders,  and those with chemical and process addictions (sex, porn, video gaming etc) creates an unique understanding of how our experiences in life effect our client's humanity.  

Nicole strives to formulate the questions in supervision that create an environment of "What does this feel like or look like" to work with this client.  She is effective at helping supervisees develop a curiosity and a healthy use of self in building a therapeutic relationship that builds a strong foundation for trust and allowing clients to simply show up as they are.

Sunset over Poppy Field
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